My art on the road

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My art on the road

The basic principle:

As soon as the artist is finished making an artwork it is on to the next step. The next step is the one where the artwork has to touch, inspire and/ or move other people to action. This usually is established by showing the artwork, for example a painting, at a gallery, showroom or museum or selling it, to be exposed at a by the new owner chosen spot. We have chosen a new way of handling things: -My art on the road- In this case the artwork is really going to make a trip.

How it works:

1. The artist is offering the artwork to a person of choice completely free of charge.
2. The recipient is free to hang the artwork on a location of choice. This could be something like a personal place for example a living room or bedroom or a spot more open to the public like a bar, hotel, place of business or even a museum. Just as long as the circumstances are in such a matter that the artwork will stay undamaged and in good condition at all times.
3. After 30 days the recipient ( temporary holder ) will pass the artwork on to a new recipient of his or her choice. And so on, and so on. Around the world….

My art on the road is totally free. However if you like to help My art on the road you can do so by a voluntary donation. Donations can be made out to the following account: NL59INGB0006232663 in name of: Cheyenne Apeldoorn Nederland Please describe as: donation My art on the road.

My art on the road is initiated by the Dutch artist Simon van der Weerd. Born June 26 1967, Apeldoorn the Netherlands  www.simonvanderweerd.nlFor more information on My art on the road or if you would like to buy a ( not this) piece of art from Simon, please call: +31614502526 or send your mail to Thank you very much for your attention. Kindest Regards, Simon

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